ASO: How to optimize your app listing to get more downloads

Many people know the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the positioning of web pages in search engines. But what is the OSA? .
Currently, in Spain alone, more than 90% of people have some type of mobile connection , and of this percentage around 80% have a smartphone .

It is for this reason that the term ASO begins to emerge, which is nothing more and nothing less than the positioning of apps in application stores .

What is the OSA?

ASO or App Store Optimization , is the set of techniques used to make your application more visible in the app stores . In other words, while SEO is responsible for obtaining a better position in search engines, ASO positions an application in its virtual stores.

App Store OptimizationThere are several factors that must be taken into account to create a good ASO strategy and today I am going to talk about one specifically: the application file , where the different characteristics of your app are gathered, such as the name, description, screenshots, among others.

Why is the tab so important to improve the positioning of your app?

How many times before downloading an application have you looked at the icon, the description or the screenshots? Always, right? And how many times have you decided not to download an application because you did not understand what its functionalities were or because the icon did not give you confidence?

It is for this reason that the file is a key aspect for users to decide whether to download your application or not, since, through it, they will be able to know what are the main functionalities that your app can provide them.

Factors to take into account in your application file

Google Play and App Store are the two most popular app stores with the largest number of users. Although the optimization of both stores is similar, there are some factors that differentiate them and that you must take into account when creating your application file.

1- Important features in Google Play

Google Play is the store or digital distribution platform for mobile applications developed by Google for devices with the Android operating system.

Next, I show you the most important factors to take into account to create your application listing on Google Play:

  • Application name : one of the most important aspects for the positioning of your app is knowing how to choose the appropriate name or title. In Google Play only 50 characters are allowed. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a short and concise title that perfectly describes the main function of your application and, if possible, that includes the most important keyword. For example: AliExpress- Buy easily, live better or MiTele- TV a la carte . As you can see, they are clear names that help the user to know the main functionality of the application.
  • Icon : Although this does not have a direct influence on ASO positioning, it does help draw the user’s attention. For this reason, a well-designed icon in accordance with the values ​​of your application greatly influences the increase in downloads.
  • Description : the maximum number of characters allowed in the Google Play description is 4000. It is recommended that it be long and include a minimum of 350 words, repeating the keyword different times throughout the text. Explain the main functionalities of your application in more detail and if the app has obtained an award or citation in any medium, try to name it in the description.
  • Featured image : it consists of a landscape image that is added to the file as if it were a cover. Make sure that it summarizes the main functionality of your application.
  • Screenshots : the screenshots of an app are very important to obtain a greater number of downloads since they can show the main functionalities and the appearance of the app, in a visual way. Google Play allows you to add up to 8 screenshots or screenshots.
  • Promotional video : apart from the screenshots, Google Play allows you to add a promotional video between them. Try to summarize briefly, preferably less than 1 minute, the functionalities of your application, in a creative way that catches the attention of your target audience.
  • Type of the app : in Google Play there are only two options: applications and games. Choose the one that best suits the theme of your app.
  • Categories – Only one category is allowed to be added in this app store. For this reason, it is important to choose it properly, so as not to generate confusion in the user.


2- Factors to consider in the App Store

App Store is a service created by Apple, which allows users to search and download computer applications from the iTunes Store or the Mac App Store.

Next, I list the main characteristics of an application listing in the App Store:

  • App Name – The maximum number of characters allowed in the name on the App Store is 30. This plays a critical role in how users discover you on the App Store. Choose a simple and memorable name that is easy to spell and indicates what your app does. Be distinctive. Avoid names that use generic terms or are too similar to existing app names.
  • Subtitle – An app’s subtitles appear below the name and can be up to 30 characters long. Its main objective is to summarize the functionality of your application in a clear and concise sentence. Avoid generic subtitles, such as “the best app in the world.” Instead, consider using them to highlight typical features or uses of your app, in language that suits your target audience.
  • Icon : the icon of your application is one of the first elements that the user sees when opening the page of your app. Therefore, it is essential to make a good first impression that communicates the quality and purpose of your app. Work with a graphic designer to create an icon that is simple and recognizable. Try testing different options to determine which one is more recognizable and meaningful to your target audience. To make sure it’s readable at all sizes, avoid adding unnecessary visual details.
  • Description – Add an engaging description that highlights the main features and functionality of your app. The ideal description is a concise and informative paragraph followed by a short list of main features. It is recommended to add the main competitive advantages of your app, that is, what makes your application different from the others. Communicate in the tone of your brand and use terminology that your target audience will appreciate and understand. The first sentence of your description is the most important: it summarizes the functionality of your app in such a way that the user does not need to hit the “read more” button. If you decide to mention a prize, I recommend putting it at the end of the description or as part of the promotional text.
  • Promotional text – Your app’s promotional text appears at the top of the description and is up to 170 characters long. You can update the promotional text at any time without having to submit a new version of your app. Consider using promotional text to share the latest news about your app, such as limited-time sales, upcoming features or content, or other events within your app.
  • Screenshots : This is one of the factors that the user considers the most when downloading the application, since it is a way to show him what your application will look like in a more visual way. The App Store gives the option to upload up to 5 screenshots.
  • Promotional video : as well as in Google Play, in the App Store it is also allowed to include a short video among the screenshots to promote and inform users about the most important aspects of your application . Promotional videos can be up to 30 seconds long and include images captured on the device to showcase the experience of using your app. You can feature up to three promotional videos for the app in your listing and include them for all available App Store languages.
  • What ‘s New – Use the “What’s New” section to communicate changes to your app to users. This text appears on the product page and on the Updates tab. If you’ve added a feature or fixed a bug based on feedback, use What’s New to let users know. List new features, content, or functionality in order of importance, and add calls to action that you think will excite the user.
  • Categories – Unlike Google Play, you can assign two categories to your app so users can find it while browsing the App Store. The parent category you select is especially important to your app’s discoverability on the App Store. This will be the one that will appear when users browse by category or filter search results. Be sure to select a main category that best describes the main function of your app.

As you may have seen, your product file is very important for your application to be among the best positions in the virtual application stores .

I hope I have guided you to get more downloads! But remember, if you manage to get your app downloaded, try to keep your users and retain them by updating and adapting the app to their needs and listening to their complaints in the comments of the ratings.

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