After a few quiet years in the travel field, luckily we can enjoy a trip across the border again this year and all together. Are you planning to go away with your year club or are you organizing a lustrum trip yourself? In this article we give you tips for adventurous destinations!

Which destination do you choose?

Of course you can opt for a beach holiday on the Spanish costa’s, but it can probably be a bit more adventurous. A lustrum trip is not only a great moment to celebrate, but also to push your boundaries, gain new experiences and bond with each other even more. The good news: you don’t even have to leave Europe for an adventurous anniversary trip. This way you keep it affordable and you can even go to most destinations without having to get on a plane.


Want to be active and spend every day in the middle of nature? Then Norway is of course a top destination. The great thing about this country: it really provides an unforgettable trip in every season. If you are going for a winter anniversary trip, you can enjoy fantastic winter sports or special activities such as a glacier walk or on a dog sled trip. You might even spot the Northern Lights! In summer, Norway is perfect for a spicy hut tour or even more fun: step into a kayak and spend the night on tiny beaches in a tent and prepare your food on a campfire! Of course, such an adventurous trip can also be alternated with a few evenings going wild in one of great Norwegian cities.

adventurous anniversary trip


Do you like adventure but could it be something a little more daring? Then choose a country like Slovenia in the summer or in May/June/September. This country will blow you away with its beautiful nature and the many activities. Slovenia is especially recommended for rough water activities, such as rafting, kayaking, but also canyoning. Moreover, these activities really require team work, so they are ideal for a year club! Be sure to plan a day or two in the capital Ljubljana; this small city is not only very beautiful but also a great alternative and very affordable!

adventurous anniversary trip


Do you like to combine nature with the beach and do you want to get away from the crowd? Then we have Bulgaria as a tip! Highlights are the cities of Plovdiv and Sofia and the amazingly beautiful Rila Monastery. Immerse yourself in nature at the Rila Mountains and Pirin National Park. The mountainous landscape makes Bulgaria very suitable for an active trip. After city life and the rugged nature, it is really wonderful to relax on the coast! Just skip the over-touristy Sunny Beach and opt for one of the smaller coastal towns, such as cozy Varna. A very nice bonus to the destination Bulgaria: it is really cheap!

adventurous anniversary trip


Land of extremes! The popularity of this destination has increased enormously in recent years and for good reason. A lustrum trip to Iceland is memorable in any case. Tour the golden circle and marvel at waterfalls, geysers and unsurpassed lunar landscapes. Just like Norway, Iceland is a very suitable destination for every season. Keep in mind that Iceland alone is not a cheap destination and that you have to book far in advance with overnight stays if you come with a large group, simply because the offer is limited.


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