My preppy look for the arrival of autumn!


No doubt, autumn is really the season in which I like to dress the most! The colours, the prints, the accessories, the multiple possibilities of associations… This is the season in which I feel the most inspired when I find myself looking at my wardrobe! In Bordeaux the temperatures are quite mild during the day, but rather cool in the morning and evening so I can quietly introduce my favorite autumn pieces and concoct mid-season looks ?

I have to say that I caught myself wearing black! It’s a color I rarely wear, but I’ve been gravitating towards more and more lately!


DSC01287 DSC01149 

really try to maximize my wardrobe and not keep pieces that I no longer wear. Last week, while tidying up my closets, I found this beautiful black jacket that I hadn’t worn for a long time and I challenged myself to wear it the next day (or else sell it). In the end, I’m a fan of the look I concocted, autumnal and preppy as I like!

I really like the idea of ​​mixing black with brown! It’s not necessarily a very common association, but I find that the brown comes to warm up the black which can sometimes be a little sad. A large part of the pieces of this outfit come from old collections (these are basic for me), but you can easily find equivalents in the current collections or second-hand (I have put links of similar pieces in the “Shop The Post” section at the end of the article). I also wrote you an article on my basics for the start of the school year (with a selection) if you want to (re)read it!

DSC01189 DSC01217 DSC01296 DSC01177

The only new piece of my outfit is my pretty pair of 70s Jonak heeled babies that many of you really liked when I showed them to you on Instagram! I really flashed as soon as I saw them too! They are really comfortable (the heel is very stable since it is thick) and go with everything! I wear them all the time right now ? They also come in black if you don’t particularly like brown ?

DSC01099 DSC01169 DSC01233

I hope you enjoy this look!

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