Are you wearing the wrong size bra? This is how you find out!

Did you know that as many as 80 percent of all women wear the wrong size bra? Many women have no idea what their size is and how to measure the right bra. The fact that the average woman in our country has a cup D does not automatically mean that this cup size is also suitable for your bosom. Every body is different, including every bosom. Are you wondering if you are wearing the wrong size bra? Would you like to know whether you can also count yourself among that 80 percent? Then read the blog below to find out.

Your bra is constantly riding up

This is probably one of the biggest irritations among women: a bra that constantly rides up. Do you also have to pull your bra down several times a day? Then there is a good chance that you are wearing a bra with a cup size that is too small and/or a cup size that is too large. A bra that fits well stays in place perfectly, even when you are exercising intensively and therefore put a lot of demand on your bra. Because the back of a bra eventually loses its stretch and therefore stretches, it is a good idea to regularly purchase a new bra.

Your breasts protrude above the cups

Another effect that cups that are too small can have is that your breasts protrude above the cups. This creates, as it were, a kind of double breast. Not a very nice sight when you are wearing a tight T-shirt. Do you also notice that your breasts do not fit completely comfortably in the cups of your bra? Then choose a larger cup size in the future, but leave the band size exactly as it is.

The shoulder straps cut and leave stretch marks

As mentioned above, a size that is too large can cause the bra to constantly ride up. In addition, the breasts do not receive enough support in this way. Most of the support must come from the back. If there is too little support, the breasts can sag. Many women try to solve this problem by tightening the shoulder straps, which actually only causes the back to ride up further. In addition, the shoulder straps can then cut and leave stretch marks.

Even on the tightest hole, your bra is still not tight enough

Are you wearing your new bra over the tightest hole and do you feel that it is not yet tight enough? There is a good chance that the back is again too wide. Always purchase your bra in that size so that you can wear it comfortably on the last hole (this is the least tight hole). If the back starts to sag, you can always tighten the bra a hole. Don’t feel like going to a lingerie store and want to buy your bra online ? At Shein you will find a wide collection.