5 reasons why the sea contributes to your health

Vitamin SEA: you hear it regularly. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Several studies have shown that swimming in the sea makes a positive contribution to your health in various ways. In this blog I will tell you more about this!

A boost for your immune system and your skin

For starters, the sea is a boost for your immune system and very good for your skin. I will briefly explain why:

 – Salt water has an antibacterial effect and sea water is full of iodine. The latter is
good for your thyroid. Your hormones, skin and hair benefit from the
salty seawater with iodine and therefore feel much better after a dive in the

 Nothing is as effective against dead skin cells as the sand and salt from the sea. The heat
and the sun cause the pores to open, so that the salty
seawater can easily absorb toxic substances from the body.


 The sea is seen as the perfect natural peeling. Seawater removes
dead skin cells. For example, people who suffer from pimples can suddenly
experience smoother skin.

 Certain minerals found in seawater
prevent cell aging.

 Magnesium, a mineral commonly found in seawater, has a powerful
effect. Not only is it good for rough skin and inflammation, but it
also ensures that the skin retains moisture and thus stays hydrated.

Seawater reduces complaints of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.
The salt and potassium chloride in the seawater treats damaged skin,
accelerating the healing process.
We can therefore conclude that the sea is good for your skin in several ways!

Beneficial for hay fever and asthma patients

Research shows that the sea is good for reducing allergies. Because the
seawater acts as a salt rinse, it clears the nasal passages of irritating pollen. For example
, seawater can reduce the symptoms of hay fever, such as a runny nose. In addition
, the air by the sea contains much less pollen and pollen, so that hay fever and
asthma patients can benefit from a stay by the sea. Sea air is also seen by doctors
as a medicine that you can breathe. A good excuse to look for the sea


Swimming in the sea makes a positive contribution to relaxation of the joints and
muscles. In addition, swimming in seawater causes the production of dopamine in the
brain, which in turn provides a boost to mental health and well-being.
Swimming in seawater is therefore seen by psychologists as a kind of mindfulness.
Because the mineral salts in seawater spread in your bronchi, your body
will absorb oxygen faster. This creates extra serotonin, also called the
happiness hormone, which in turn has a positive effect on your mood and stress.

Sleep like a log

The chance of a good night’s sleep is much greater after a day on the coast. It is
seen as a natural way to get to sleep more easily. The sea improves
three things that normally make it difficult for you to fall asleep: stress / restlessness,
physical activity and hormones. For people with Insomnia, a visit
to the sea is definitely worth trying.

better sex life

Last but not least, research shows that taking a dip in cold seawater is said to be good
for your sex life. When you take a refreshing dip, testosterone and
estrogen levels rise sharply. This can only be good for your bed performance.

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