This is how you make the skin winterproof

Winter is coming again, reason to prepare the skin well!

Winter has its charms, but it is important to winterize the skin. You can read here how best to do that!

Now we have really arrived in another season, the mild weather is over!
Cold wind, the temperature is dropping ….. you can already feel the new season on your skin.

In winter, your skin will produce less sebum, so that the top layer of skin contains less skin fat. In addition, your skin is almost continuously exposed to low humidity due to the (combination of) dry cold outdoors and heating indoors, causing the skin to lose moisture faster and fine wrinkles appear.


So it’s time to take action!

PROTECTION of the skin.

Protection of the skin is actually the most important thing in winter! In the first place, the skin must be protected as much as possible. For this we have winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves not only keep you nice and warm, but also protect your skin. Only when we go outside do we have to protect the skin of your face extra and you do that with a comfortable day cream from Decaar, Ericson Laboratoire,


Hydrating is also very important along with protecting the skin. Due to the dry cold air outside and the dry warm air inside, extra moisture is extracted from the skin and the skin feels tighter than in other seasons. Therefore use moisturizing products from Decaar Ericson Laboratoire,  eg a moisturizing serum or a moisturizing mask.


A good scrub can also contribute a lot to counteracting dry skin, especially the flaking! After scrubbing , a lovely mask on the face or a nourishing body cream on the body and the skin is resistant to the winter influences again.


Me Time

During this busy time between the busy holidays and the new year, plan some relaxing Me-Time: Have a bubbling bath with delicious bubble bath and a good book, followed by a relaxing face mask and music that makes you happy.
A little extra time for yourself is never wasted, you get extra energy and you can use that quite well in this time. But your skin also benefits!


Your house

It also pays to ensure good indoor humidity, by hanging sufficient water containers on radiators or possibly with the help of a humidifier. This is also nice for your airways, which are often irritated in the autumn and are ravaged by all kinds of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

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