Ibiza is hot. It has been that way for a while and it will remain so for a while. Not only because of the legendary parties, the eternal hippie vibe and the celebrities flying in and out. Because above all, Ibiza is beautiful. An island full of hidden beaches, green interiors and interesting cities. We took the car and drove at our leisure along some of the most beautiful places in Ibiza.

Sunset at Es Vedra

No other place in Ibiza is as shrouded in mystery as Es Vedra. This uninhabited rock island in the southwest is over 400 meters high and located in the Cala d’Hort nature reserve. Due to the high concentration of metals, the island has a gigantic magnetic field. The result: compasses that run wild and people that let their imaginations run wild. Myths and legends or not: Es Vedra is one of the most beautiful places in Ibiza and definitely worth a visit. Especially during sunset you have a magically beautiful view!

most beautiful places in Ibiza

Stroll through Ibiza Old Town

Eivissa, also known as Ibiza Town, is the capital of the island. In the high season it can be black in parts of the city with tourists, but even if you are there in the middle of summer it is best to avoid them. Do that too, because Eivissa is by far one of the most beautiful places in Ibiza. It was one of the very first cities in Europe and the Old Town is on the UNESCO list for a reason. The small streets full of monumental buildings are proof that Ibiza is indeed cultural. The streets of the Dalt Vila district form a beautiful maze and thanks to the high location you have a breathtaking view over the sea in many places.

most beautiful places in Ibiza

Many tourists visit Eivissa for shopping and nightlife. You can do that here as well. However, if you venture out into the old city center early in the day (and turn a corner at random!) you sometimes share the streets and squares only with a handful of locals.

Go beach hopping!

With more than 80 beaches, you have plenty to choose from in Ibiza. Whether you come to party, for your rest and whether you prefer the rugged coast or snorkeling: you will find it on this island. If you visit the most beautiful places in Ibiza by car, you have the great advantage that you can get to many places where the masses are not. Some of our favorite coves: Aiguas Blancas, Cala d’Hort and Cala Benirras.

most beautiful places in Ibiza

If you want to combine snorkeling and sunbathing, Es Pou Des Lleo in the northeast is a gem. It is considered one of the most quiet beaches in Ibiza and is ideal for admiring the underwater world at your leisure. Ibiza is also a paradise for divers. You will find unique diving locations such as the famous cave ‘Le Catedral’ on the east coast and the coral reef El Caballo.

Cross the interior

In the heart of the island, far away from party Ibiza, you will find a piece of land that is still dominated by farms, small villages and lots of greenery. Our advice? Turn off the navigation, grab an old-fashioned map and set aside a whole day to discover the interior. Besides the amazing viewpoints you will encounter plenty of special stops. Make sure to stop at the beautiful villages you drive through and enjoy lunch in a place that you don’t have to share with crowds of tourists. In the tiny Balàfia, for example, you can see traditional Ibiza with bright white houses and winding alleys. These types of villages are interspersed with vineyards, forests, lakes and hiking trails.

most beautiful places in Ibiza

most beautiful places in Ibiza

Visit the caves

Another side of Ibiza that many people don’t know! The island has dozens of covas; natural caves, some of which you can visit. The most accessible caves, such as Can Marçà, are now among the biggest attractions on the island. But if you put in a little more effort, you will definitely be rewarded. One of our favorites is Cova des Culleram, located near Cala San Vincente. Don’t let the difficult path to it stop you! Cova des Vi is also recommended. Not only because of the cave itself, but also because of its location. You can follow a path here along the coast with beautiful views!

most beautiful places in Ibiza

By car along the most beautiful places in Ibiza

Driving is easy in Ibiza. The roads are generally in good condition, also inland. Upon arrival at Ibiza Airport you can rent a car and it does not have to cost much.

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