Taghazout, the surf mecca about a 30 minute drive from the big city of Agadir. Taghazout is a small and cute surf village with brightly colored houses and blue fishing boats on the beach. Mainly in the winter months, when the waves are the best, the village attracts many local surfers and tourists with surf schools also venture on the famous waves.

Taghazout, an ultimate (surfing) village in Morocco

The fact that the village is popular is also clear from the developments that are going on in the area. Apartment complexes are being built everywhere and hard work is being done on ‘Taghazout Bay’. It is no wonder that Morocco wants to enjoy the success of this hotspot, but I am a little afraid of the crowds that will flood the village and in this way change the relaxed atmosphere. Anyway, before that happens, Taghazout is a lovely place for a week of surfing or maybe a day trip. In this blog I give you my tips for Taghazout on the Atlantic coast.

This is what you want to do (besides surfing) in Taghazout in Morocco

1. Taghazout Surf & Yoga

My first tip for Taghazout: surfing. The waves in Taghazout are good for surfing all year round. There are a few highlights in the winter months. These months are also doable with a wetsuit and it is nice and quiet on the beach. Dozens of surf camps are offered for tourists and can often be combined with yoga sessions. Take a board under your arm and take to the waves with an experienced instructor. There is a good spot for every level: the beginners often start at Taghazout Beach and the most experienced ride the waves at Anchor Point or Devils Rock. If you don’t feel like taking lessons, you can also rent a board and wetsuit for a few hours at one of the many surf shops. Converted this often only costs a few euros.

Taghazo surf

2. Have a nice lunch with a sea view

What I love about Taghazout compared to Agadir is the fact that you have the opportunity to have a drink or eat by the water. After an intensive morning of surfing in the water, nothing beats drying up in the sun with a fresh smoothie from World of Waves. From the terrace you have a beautiful view over the sea and the beach of Taghazout and there is always something to see. The food here is slightly more Western, because they have different sandwiches and pizzas, but you’ve also come to the right place for a tagine.

Taghazout, Morocco

3. Take a walk from Tamraght to Taghazout

The fact that Taghazout is booming also brings advantages. In addition to all the buildings that are being built, there is also a beautiful walking path along the sea. This hiking trail runs all the way from Tamraght to Taghazout, so it’s a long walk. During this walk you can enjoy the beautiful view over the water and work on your 10,000 steps!

Hiking in Taghazou

4. Drink cocktails at Sol House Taghazout

During that beautiful walk to Taghazout you will also pass one of my favorite places to drink a cocktail at the setting sun: Sol House Taghazout. For people with a larger budget also a wonderful place to stay in one of the houses with a hammock (!!), but for others also just a nice place to have a drink with lounge music or whatever the DJ that evening running. Because alcohol is hard to find in Taghazout, this is a nice place if you still long for a nice cocktail.

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