When I first visited  Singapore , I realized that I fell in love with this city! He struck me to the very heart. Then there were  Beijing ,  Hong Kong ,  Shanghai ,  Seoul ,  Tokyo  and beyond, but every time I thought that I must definitely return there. To do this, I guessed the dates so that I could spend my birthday here. It was a kind of challenge to check if Singapore is as good as it seemed to me then, for the first time, or if I just didn’t know what to compare it to … 

I flew through Tokyo, at the end I will tell you about the way back, it was fun.



This time I decided to start Singapore with the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. One of the pluses was that, being a member of the Golden Circle (Golden Circle – loyalty system), I was entitled to a transfer from the airport to the hotel. It was very convenient after a long flight.



The stunning and luxurious hotel made me instantly fall in love with it. I’ve been a fan of this network for a long time and couldn’t miss it in Singapore, my favorite city in the world.


And in the morning I was waiting for this view. This despite the fact that all weather forecasts promised rain for all four days of my stay there.



In the morning, I decided to once again walk through those places that left the most vivid impressions of Singapore. And, traditionally, the city conquered me every second. Neat clean streets, an insane amount of greenery and beautiful cars, what else is needed for a good rest and life)



Of course, I started with Marina Bay and the hotel I stayed in on my first trip – Marina Bay Sands .



What I love about Singapore is that even the most mundane things look magical here. For example, benches, sidewalks, etc. This time I looked more away from tourist routes and facades, it was interesting to see what residents and expats see.



The Marina Bay Sands embankment is one of the city’s calling cards. You can spend several days here, just looking into every building and institution, and even if you decide to just walk around, it will take you three or four hours. The place is amazing with the amount of detail and how interesting it is to look at it all, study and, of course, take pictures.


It will be interesting for guys to go to the Shopping Mall and see the Ferrari store, next to such a beauty you generally forget about age and decency)



If you want to have an interesting time in Singapore, a good option is to rent a car! The roads here are excellent, traffic jams are almost non-existent thanks to government policy, and navigation is simple. The only moment is the movement in the opposite direction) but you’ll get used to it) And yes, it’s a sin to rent a Toyota Yaris in Singapore, they simply won’t understand you;)



Just imagine, the weather is beautiful, the temperature is about 28 degrees, you are driving in a beautiful and fast convertible, the wind is in your face, and this is the view above your head. Is there anything more beautiful?



Or maybe something like that…



Next, be sure to climb to the observation deck of Marina Bay Sands. Of course, the ideal is to be a hotel guest, then you have more opportunities and a pass to the entire roof area, including the famous swimming pool. But, I lived here last time and did not repeat myself. Moreover, apart from the pass, there are no special advantages in living here. Interestingly, Singapore is growing and developing very quickly. I was here a year and a half ago, but already I came across new buildings that were not there in the past. And I’m not talking about tiny low-rise buildings, but huge skyscrapers of 40-50 floors. In addition, it is always interesting to look at Gardens by the Bay. Top view works better than any map. You immediately understand where you should go and how you will get there, what paths.

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