Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, the carbohydrates in my diet have resignified. While I can eat them, I don’t have the same freedom as before to eat as much as I want, whenever I want. A little after one year of my type 1 DBT, I continue to investigate what are the best options to not eat so many carbohydrates, and therefore, not to use so much insulin. But I don’t want to bore you, beyond my condition today I want to propose a recipe that arises from this little research I’m doing, the replacement of more traditional flours, for healthier ones. Unfortunately, many times what is healthy goes hand in hand with what is expensive, and in Argentina there are not so many accessible options for those of us with diabetes, so for the time being we have to search for them. I tell you that these cookies can also be eaten by celiacs, since they do not have TACC. They are also ideal for preparing the little ones (and with their help), since they are a delicious and homemade alternative, which is always a better option. Ela loved them, and in addition to eating them she helped me take the photos!
I share the recipe, I would love for you to tell me what you think!



About almond flour: 
There are many dietetics and businesses that sell almond flour, which is usually quite expensive. I recommend that you look at prices. They can also do it at home. In my experimentation I wanted to try both alternatives, I bought a 1/2 kilo package for $210 at the El Portugués wholesaler (I strongly recommend it), but I also bought almonds to make the flour from scratch. I put them in boiling water to loosen the skin, I toasted them a little in the oven to dry them well, and once they were cold I passed them through a food chopper. Although the texture was not as fine as I wanted, it helped me to make these cookies. But to make the puddings that I have in mind, I am going to use the one I bought, which is much finer. 
About coconut flour: 
Another interesting alternative to traditional flours is coconut flour, which I made from grated coconut, toasted it in the oven over low heat, and passed it through the food chopper. It was very rich, and it gave a good flavor to the cookies, although it is not to be used all the time since the coconut tends to invade a lot. 
These cookies are very basic, but it seemed to me that since it was the first time that I made them, it was not necessary to incorporate too many extra ingredients. If you want, you can add some zest, chocolate chips, cocoa, cinnamon, etc. 
Now yes, the recipe!
  • Almond flour: 150g
  • Coconut flour: 100g (optional, if you want you can do everything with almond flour, or add a little whole wheat flour, if you can eat it)
  • Butter at room temperature: 50g (you can replace it with ghee)
  • Sucralose or stevia type sweetener: 4 sachets (0.8g each sachet)
  • Vanilla essence: 1 teaspoon
  • Eggs: 1


Step 1: 
In a bowl place the flours and add the butter or ghee at room temperature cut into cubes, crush with a fork. 
Step 2: Add the egg, the sweetener and the vanilla essence. Integrate everything to form a dough. 
Step 3: Wrap the dough in film, giving it an elongated shape to be able to cut the cookies later. Put in the fridge for 1 hour. 
Step 4: Cut the cookies and place on a plate with a little butter and cornstarch or flour (if they tolerate it). Place in a preheated oven at a mild temperature and cook for approximately 12/14 minutes. Let cool on a rack. 








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