How to wear heels safely

It’s no secret that high heels are not the most comfortable shoes . But most women are unlikely to be ready to give up their favorite black stiletto pumps because of this . In this regard, We figure out how to wear heels without harm to health.

• The first thing to start with is to stop wearing hairpins every day (optimally 2-3 times a week). Try to alternate them with flat shoes so that your legs and spine can rest. Better yet, buy special orthopedic insoles that would help to properly distribute the load throughout the foot.

• During the day, try to take off your high-heeled shoes and massage your feet every 2-3 hours. This will help restore proper circulation. In addition, if you have to wear stilettos every day, then give preference to models with a heel of no more than 5 centimeters – this is the optimal height, which injures the foot to a lesser extent.

How to wear heels without harm to health (photo 4)

• After a day spent on high heels, do not neglect relaxing foot baths . For example, sea salt can relieve fatigue, and linden decoction will improve blood circulation. An intense foot massage can also be an excellent way to relieve fatigue. You can even make it yourself by simply rubbing their surface with your fist.• Also, don’t forget about exercises that need to be done barefoot. The first of these is to roll a tennis ball or a small bottle on the floor for 2-5 minutes. Then pick up a napkin or any other small object that you can pinch between your toes 15-20 times from the floor. After that, do a set of 10-15 squats , while keeping your legs firmly pressed to the floor. And finally, rise on tiptoe 15-20 times, and then slowly lower the foot back to the floor.
How to wear heels without harm to health (photo 7)

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