5 tips for decorating a small garden

Tips for decorating a small garden

Having a garden, even if it is small, is a great privilege, especially if you can decorate it to your liking and print your personality in every corner. In this small space you can create an environment in which to relax and enjoy the good weather outdoors.

To achieve a beautiful decoration it is not necessary to have a high budget, since you can find garden products at an affordable price. If you want some recommendations to achieve a functional and beautiful garden in a few steps, follow our advice.

How to decorate a small garden?

Surely you have always dreamed of having a large garden in your house where you can enjoy a huge pool, barbecue, a relaxation area, trees, plants and even a fountain, however, being able to have a large space is enough complicated. If you have a garden with smaller dimensions than you would like, don’t worry, because with the right layout and decoration you can get a lot out of it.

You just need a little imagination and ideas to inspire you, and to help you we are going to give you some notions with which to achieve the garden of your dreams.

take advantage of the space

In a small garden it is important to occupy the maximum space, even the corners, but if you do not want to place plants in that part of the garden, the best option is to add some furniture such as armchairs, deckchairs or a wooden bench.

To take advantage of all the meters of the garden without overloading it, look for elements that can be easily stored, such as a hanging hammock, which is easy to remove and put on.

Although you want to make the most of the garden, you must be clear that sometimes less is more. So if you put too much furniture it can give a feeling of being overwhelmed. Try to occupy the sides and leave an empty central space.

Set up a table with chairs

If you want to make the most of your garden and be able to eat, read or do some activities, it is best to place a small table and a couple of chairs that allow you to do so. Look for a special model of table and chairs for outdoors, since they must be made with materials that resist changes in temperature and the direct action of both rain, snow and sunlight. This way you guarantee their durability and that you can use them year after year without deteriorating.

Tips for decorating a garden

If you choose folding tables and chairs you will gain mobility in case you need it, in addition, that will make cleaning and watering tasks in the garden easier and will not be an obstacle.

Define the spaces

You may think that it is very complicated to separate spaces due to the small size of the garden, but you can create it with little effort and a little imagination, and it will also help you to visually appear larger than it is.

On the one hand you can create a rest area, where you can place the table and chairs or a sun lounger. On the other hand, look for a place to put the grass, it is very pleasant to walk without shoes on the fresh and freshly cut grass. In the event that you do not like grass, you can change it for gravel or pavement such as slabs that, in addition, will help to better delimit the different environments.

A source as protagonist

A fountain is always a decorative element that gives a very special touch to any garden, it brings freshness and the sound of water helps us relax and feel more comfortable. Even if you have a small garden, that is not an obstacle to installing a fountain, but in this case, instead of placing it in the center of the garden, which could give it an ornate appearance, it is best to put it on a wall, like this it won’t steal space. There are many different designs of fountains, so you are sure to find one that suits the style of the garden and your budget.

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens attract a lot of attention and are a perfect way to take advantage of space using the walls or supports that are placed on the ceiling. To achieve a vertical garden you can use different elements such as wooden beams or shelves that are placed on the wall and place plants on them. Another way to do it is with vining plants that grow and adapt to the space. In addition, they tend to develop quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to see how they colonize your garden and flood it with color, in a short time you will be able to show off your vegetation.

How to decorate a small garden

You can also use the walls or fences that delimit your garden with climbing plants that will ensure that you have a wall full of flowers such as bougainvillea or jasmine. The visual effect will be that of being in the middle of nature and does not require a large financial outlay.

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