Innovation and vanguard in kitchen furniture

Kitchen trends change, although it is true that until not long ago kitchens returned to a more retro and classic look, some time ago we began to see furniture with straighter lines and clean shapes . Although aesthetics are changing, what never changes is the great need to adapt kitchen furniture to new technologies . Innovation and avant-garde are always present in kitchen furniture. Whether with wood, with stone, with cement or rust finishes, with countertops that imitate textures such as marble or granite; as well as with appliances that are increasingly quieter and are classified as more energy efficient.

Much more comfortable kitchen furniture

Innovation allows us today to have much more comfortable furniture. Manufacturers such as  have innovative and interesting products such as Tecno Touch, a very smooth door opening and closing system that is activated with a single touch; and it is that comfort at home has become our highest priority.

The need for more comfortable furniture is not only due to these opening and closing systems or softer hinges. We can also find it in products such as pull-out tables , which are completely different from the typical tables with heavy and cumbersome mechanisms and now open in a simple and graceful way. Removable corner mechanisms with rotating models are even incorporated, to take advantage of the most difficult corners; and it is that another of the absolute priorities is that innovation and the avant-garde are put at the service of the use of spaces .

We also include accessories in our kitchen utensils that can make our day-to-day life easier , such as revolving trays for low cabinets, as well as an endless number of basket models. From metal of different sizes, bottle racks, such as bread bags, spice racks or removable dish racks, even pot holders are a necessity that few kitchens miss anymore.

Modern kitchen furniture

Innovation in sinks

Innovation can not only be seen in the furniture, but also in other essential parts of the kitchen such as sinks. For example, the store that we named above is one of the  manufacturers of modern sinks  that bets on the best materials with models in chromed and polished steel, with stainless steel and with qualities that make them extremely durable ; and it is that the current kitchens are kitchens that are used, and a lot.

There is no problem choosing models of different sizes and shapes , even the mythical round sinks are still in fashion. Now, it is interesting to find manufacturers that can also provide us with a solution for taps, since each sink has special characteristics.

more modern aesthetics

As we mentioned, the aesthetics that we are seeing in the main magazines and decorative events are no longer focused so much on classic or vintage kitchen models. Straight lines, plain colors and visually clear spaces are back . A trend that fell in love a decade ago and that continues to succeed today.

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