Ideas to decorate balconies and terraces with plants

Chinese jasmine, petunias, geraniums, carnations, bamboo… There are many options for  flowering or non-flowering plants with which to decorate your balcony or terrace during this upcoming summer. That is why we tell you which are the outdoor plants that best resist the high temperatures of this hot but long-awaited time of year. Some  require more care and maintenance than others, but they are all good ideas to decorate our balconies and terraces with plants:

The Rose

The rose or rosebushes are sophisticated, delicate, beautiful, but, above all, very  resistant to sun and heat . In any case, before buying the seeds or the plant directly, let the specialized professionals at the store explain to you the needs of this flower that is so beautiful, but delicate at the same time.

Flowers to decorate balconies or terraces with plants


Aromatic  terrace plants  such as lavender, in addition to giving color,  will intoxicate your  entire balcony with their good smell. Lavender,  with blue and purple tones , needs a lot of sun, approximately six hours, so you will have to water it twice a week. Another benefit of this plant is that it also resists winter very well, so you can have it exposed  on your terrace throughout the year.


the fern

The ferns that stores like  Interflora put at your disposal for your balcony or terrace  need a lot of natural light , although not so much directly. If you put them in a strategic place,  the leaves will get big  and take on a very special green. Of course, it is a plant that  requires a lot of maintenance : the soil in its pot must be moistened at all times, not flooded.

Plants decorate balcony or terrace

the dahlia

Spectacular and harmonic flower  where they exist: a good dahlia will give a cheerful touch to your terrace or balcony. In addition, their maintenance is as simple as the following: they  will need a lot of ultraviolet rays and water, but no wind . That’s all. And, if all goes well, they will bloom right at the beginning of summer and last until almost the end of autumn.



With the honeysuckle plant  you will quickly color your balcony  and you will also aromatize it quickly. Its main characteristic is that it needs sunlight like water, although not directly, as is the case with some of the views so far. In any case, in general terms it can be said that it is  a very resistant plant  and, if it has a support to hold on to,  you will have a beautiful flower mural  hanging from the facade of your terrace.

the azalea

Perfect flower for those outdoor spaces where little natural light reaches the end of the day. The azalea is an evergreen, so  if you maintain it well it will bloom  so much that you will hardly see the stem or green leaves. The plant  is only something special in terms of the water  with which you water it:  it must not be very hard  because of the lime or it will spoil.


the vervain

If you have little time to take care of your plants, verbena is a good alternative: it does not require much care. It needs very little water, it loves the sun in summer and it adapts even to dry geographical areas , that is, to the typical climate in many parts of this country. In addition, its duration goes beyond the summer: it begins to bloom in the spring months and perishes in late autumn.

Flowers to decorate balconies and terraces with plants

the lion’s mouth

Perhaps you will know it more as a bunny or a calf, since this beautiful plant goes by many names and is part of this ranking because it is a  typical Mediterranean flower that perfectly withstands the sun and extreme heat  of summer in this part of the world. If you want to paint your balcony with a palette of  yellows, reds or whites , the lion’s mouth is the most successful then.

Decorate balconies and terraces with plants

the daisy

We could say that it has superpowers against the sun: it is  perfectly resistant to heat and UV rays  and, furthermore, it does not require any meticulous or exhaustive maintenance. You will only have to water it with some frequency, but not with large amounts of water. That is why they are seen in any garden or park:  they are easy to care for and maintain .

Daisies to decorate balconies and terraces with plants

the gerbera

Very resistant plant during the harsh summer and beautiful at the same time, it has it all. IF your terrace is large, all the better, it is a plant with flowers that,  once it has completed all its growth, will be large … So much so that every two years you will have to transplant it because it needs larger pots. In the hottest months,  do not direct it directly towards sunlight  and do not water it too much.


The rosemary

Normally it is seen only in the field and often only the plant, without its flower, but this typical and aromatic bush of the country is a good decoration on the balcony or garden of your house. In addition, you will have it very handy to season your food . It loves the sun and does not need much water.


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