Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses , we love them! They are trendy dresses and actually super timeless. This trend was introduced in the 1970s and even now the dresses are still popular. That says something I think. The wrap dresses are available in all kinds of different variants, but what exactly is the wrap dress? Many fashionistas are familiar with the wrap dress. The word actually says it all: you wrap yourself in the dress. So you put it on the same as you would a jacket. There are often drawstrings on the inside that you have to tie so that the dress stays in place. These drawstrings are located at the waist and ensure that the waist is accentuated. Really super feminine, because your feminine curves look great.

What figure does a wrap dress suit?

The dress has the advantage that the waist is accentuated. The wrap dress is tight at the waist, but then flares out. This ensures that the dress flatters every figure and looks beautiful on many people. The wrap dress is available in different variants. It doesn’t matter whether you want a long or short dress with long or short sleeves, because they are all there. So there is always a nice one for you that also suits your body! Everyone will rock the wrap dress. There are of course many variations of wrap dresses, but how do you actually wear the dress? I will tell you more about this.

Chic wrap dress

The wrap dresses are also available in very elegant variants. Think of the beautiful long dresses that are worn at a gala or a fancy dinner. Because the dress is accentuated at the waist and then flows into a beautiful long dress, it is flattering and super elegant. For these dresses, choose a V-neck or at least a low-cut version. To make it extra glamorous, jewelry is always a good idea. A beautiful necklace with diamonds and long earrings. Very elegant. To complete it completely, you can put your hair up in a beautiful bun. You can remove a few strands of hair at the front to make it romantic and a bit more casual and you are very chic.

Trendy wrap dresses

Fortunately, there are also wrap dresses for more everyday activities. They are super easy dresses and can be styled very trendy. Would you choose a wrap dress with a print? Then you can make the dress even more striking with nice accessories. Think of a nice colored bag, a pair of large earrings and a pair of boots. Even sneakers look nice under the wrap dress. Completely on trend and ready for the day! Would you prefer a wrap dress in a solid color? You can make this fancy by wearing heels underneath, but sneakers will also work well with this. It just depends on what you like and what you are going to do that day. 

Wrap dresses for the summer

The wrap dresses are not to be missed for the summer! The dresses are airy and easy to take off and put on. This is of course ideal for a day at the beach. Wear a bikini underneath and once you end up on the beach you can easily take the dress off. For these warm summer days you can opt for the wrap dress that reaches above the knee. Nice and cool and you also get a tan while cycling or walking! Win win. For sultry, romantic evenings you can opt for a longer version of the wrap dress. Such a dress will flutter a bit due to the breeze you feel during a walk along the beach. I’m already looking forward to summer so I can wear a wrap dress, do you? If you want to buy wrap dress then take a look at Shein, it has amazing wrap dress collection.