Business look: details

The classic business style, which was formed at the beginning of the last century, remained practically unchanged for a long time. His formation was influenced, first of all, by conservative ideas about what an official image should be like at receptions, business negotiations, and various cultural events. Here are the main elements of the classic style:

  • restrained colors (soft colors, with the exception of white: shades of gray, black, blue, brown, dark red, dark purple);
  • costume style (no bare arms and legs, long sleeves, trousers or tights);
  • the use of expensive and high-quality materials;
  • lack of prints or unusual patterns;
  • traditional styles of clothing;
  • wearing closed shoes with a low heel;
  • limited use of cosmetics;

But some trends in the removal of restrictions are still visible: the office style is becoming more democratic. It turns out that experiments in decorating formal clothes with original prints are allowed, and the rules of costume style are completely abolished: comfortable blouses and shirts with short sleeves are a common detail of a modern business image.

Women’s office fashion


Most modern business clothing manufacturers are guided by a harmonious combination of business and casual style details. They try to make their products less strict and more in demand – they bring classic elements into street fashion. This line is followed by many brands and stores, for example, in the TsTiR “Mir” – “Lady Office” in Ufa . This boutique offers a wide selection of women’s business wear. In addition to business wear, the store offers casual and trendy lines, giving each customer greater freedom in shaping their image.



Additional touches of style


The classic image is characterized by modesty in the selection of accessories: a minimum of jewelry, calm geometric shapes and colors. In a business style, the following features are appropriate:

  • minimalism in the use of jewelry;
  • classic bags, clutches;
  • thin belts;
  • watches usually have a Roman dial.

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