Skin care in winter

Wind, cold, fluctuating temperatures, dry air in the house… Your skin feels drier in winter. Adding a little more fats to your skin care routine certainly won’t hurt. Below you will find a handy overview with tips to take good care of your skin in the winter. Because you often know it, but it is also so forgotten…

1) Add (a fuller) night cream to your ritual.

2) Make time to pamper your skin with a nourishing mask once every two weeks. If you make it a nice moment, you immediately have some extra relaxation. And that is also good for your skin. You can give your skin a peeling beforehand, so that the mask can absorb extra well. Preferably use a mild scrub, because of the winter conditions your skin is often a bit thinner. Momentje for yourself sets are available for a wonderful home treatment, tailored to your wishes and needs.


3) Protect your skin well against the cold. If it gets really cold and you are out for a long time: apply an extra layer of greasy cream. If necessary, a layer of Vaseline, which you can of course remove well afterwards.

4) Make the air in the house less dry by using a humidifier. With a diffuser, or just a bowl of water on the heating.

5) The rest of your body often struggles with drier skin. Therefore, use a moisturizing shower cream and/or body lotion. Also pay attention to the temperature of the bath and shower. Although the temptation may be great: a high temperature makes your skin extra dry.

6) Get plenty of exercise: that stimulates blood flow and is good for metabolism in the skin.

7) Don’t forget your hands and lips: they are having a hard time right now. If the temperature drops below ten degrees, wearing gloves is not an unnecessary luxury. And regular application of hand cream and lip balm is likely to be highly appreciated, too.

8) The skin around the eyes could also use some extra care. An eye cream and the occasional eye mask will help this thin skin through the winter.

9) Avoid products with cheap alcohol (drys skin extra skin) and perfume (is irritating). With the products of SPA aromatherapy, Les Gavots, Marlyse Blue and Loveli you can be sure that you are in the right place.

10) Are you going on a winter sport or sun holiday? Don’t forget the UV protection. The sun is skin aging number 1.

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